Setting up the environment

Setting up and configure the developement environment to attacks solidiy contracts

Configure a proper environment to play wih Web3, debug and audits smart contracts can be a pain at the beginning.

The purpose of this post is to rough out the tools to keep only the most interesting.


Solc is a compiler for the Solidity language. It transform the Solidity code into a bytecode.



Founrdry defined themself as:

Foundry is a blazing fast, portable and modular toolkit for Ethereum application development written in Rust. It’s a swiss army knife for Ethereum application. It allows to fork the blockchain, deploy smart contract, directly call the smart contracts and more.

It is composed of three tools:

  • Forge: Ethereum testing framework (like Truffle, Hardhat and Dapptools).
  • Cast: Swiss army knife for interacting with EVM smart contracts, sending transactions and getting chain data.
  • Anvil: Used to fork the blockchain and run a local node like Ganache or Hardhat.

Installation instructions

It is one of the most complete tool for auditing and developping smart contracts.





This post will be updated when new tools that can improve the environment are published